Touristic flights in Italy – Vicenza, Venice and Verona area.

Is flying your passion? Would you like to fly over your town or are you looking for the present gift for an aviation enthusiast?
Now you can book a flight with one of our pilots!

Choose the flight experience which is best for you and one of our pilots will contact you!

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Important information
Please read carefully the following information about our flights.

1) Terms and conditions
The flight is operated with non-complex aircrafts up to six seats, under the EASA Part-NCO framework (EU Commission Regulation no. 965/2012 as amended by EU Regulation no. 379/2014). This means that the pilots performing your private non-commercial flight will share with you the cost of the airplane without making any profit. This allows to fly at low prices for both pilots and passengers and promote the general aviation.
Passengers, their belongings and third parties are covered by the aircraft’s liability insurance, which is available for your review before beginning any flight. You accept the limits stated on the airplane’s insurance policy.

2) Weather conditions and flight confirmation
Safety is a must in aviation: the pilot has the right to make the final decision if weather conditions are good enough to fly or not. Flights are confirmed only if all minimum safety conditions regarding the plane, the weather and other factors are met. This could mean that your flight could be cancelled and rebooked at any time.

3) What is GENAV and what is its role
GENAV is a non-profit association of pilots which rent the airplanes to its members to promote general aviation. Regarding flights offered to the public, we are acting as a flight sharing platform: we connect our member pilots with people who, like you, would like to fly and enjoy the emotions that general aviation can give. You will be in touch directly with the pilot of your flight after the booking request.

4) Questions? Ask to the pilot!
If you need further information or you have questions, please refer to the pilot assigned to you, he will be more than happy to clear any doubt.